Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 2022 has truly been a difficult year both personally and in society. On a personal level, on Feb5 I underwent a 13 hour operation for ureathea cancer, a very rare cancer. Fortunately the operation was a success thanks to the skill and diligence of the surgeons.Unfortunately,6 weeks later I developed a severe infection which had to be drained. During the procedure, I believe the nerves leading to my sciatic nerve were damaged, resulting in my present day mobility problems. As a final insult, I contacted COVOID despite all of my precautions. Fortunately the 5 vaccines I had taken resulted in  mild symptoms.

 From the perspective of society 2022 brought continue Sirois(Yiddish term meaning troubles).COVOID and other respiratory diseases challenging our health care system as well as our patience(pun intended).Inflation, including high food prices, resulted in many families having to make sacrifices,

 For me,2022 can't end soon enough. Like all of you I am ready for a new year, a new beginning.

 However I must acknowledge,2022 has not been without it's success. Namely, I am still here, cognitively intact with most of my executive skills that allow me to continue to practice my craft.,

 I feel truly blessed to be able to do so.To all my clients who are willing to trust me with their most inner  secrets I say thank you. I feel blessed for the support from, my partner,family,and friends as well as the medical community. I have truly been blessed with surgeons who demonstrated the highest skills but equally important, turned out to be menches(Yiddish term  meaning honourable person). 

I feel spiritually renewed and ready to face the physical challenges that face me.I know it will require a tremendous effort on my part.

 May the New Year bring  to you and yours,good health,innerpeace and warm and loving relationships. David


Monday, October 31, 2022


At this time I have been pronounced cancer free by my Doctors.However, one major issue remains, namely my right leg.For reasons unknown,(possible reasons include previous chemotherapy,radiation,infection,and/or surgerical complications), my right leg has shown significant nerve damage. Recently I learned that I have suffered bilateral neuropathy in both of my legs. Physiotherapy and physical training has had minimal impact. Rceently I have felt increased nerve pain,which may indicate rejuvenation of the nerve. Currently I walk gingerly with the aid of a cane.I am waiting to be fitted with a brace ,which hopefully will give me more stability. Emotionally it is a challenge to cope with my limited mobility and lose of many activities I love.I feel more vulnerable and that my world has become much smaller. On the positive side I am alive and count my blessings ever day. Somehow despite my losses I have a much deeper appreciation for life and better understanding of my client's needs. Thank you for your support and messages of hope during this most difficult period of my life. David

Monday, May 16, 2022


Feb4/2022 I had a life changing cancer surgery that saved my life.However, any surgery, especially one as long as 13 hours duration has it's consequences. Prior to the surgery, two surgeons were extremely optimistic regarding my recovery,while the third surgeon was more guarded regarding recovery.Unfortunately she has been proven right. During the past 100 days I have been hospitized twice for a total of 13 days,9 originally and 4 latter because of an infection.In addition I have had a chronic cough which is now being treated with an inhaler. However,more surprising, and in some ways more critically I have lost the strength in my right leg.Previous to the surgery I had some difficulties with my leg due to nerve damage associated with my radiation treatment.However ,subsequentially to the second operation I have lost considerable strength. At this time,I am attending twice weeekly sessions with a trainer.He says that the central muscle has completely atrophed.However, with exercise he is hopeful that I might regain 60-70% use of the other 3 muscles. I walk slowly with my cane, but with training I am hopeful I will be able to walk unassisted and be able to return to activities I truly enjoy. I remain optimistic I will acheive my goals of increased mobility. Thank you for your continued support. David

Monday, March 28, 2022

52 Days Post Surgery

As many of you know Feb.4 I underwent a 13 hour life saving cancer surgery. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of my team of surgeons I survived that operation relativity intact. During the past 52 days I have had my ups and downs. in my journey of recovery including a 4 day hospitalization for an infection. At this point in my recovery my main issue is fatique and low energy.Depending upon the time of day I would estimate my energy level is 50-60% of my preoperation energy. Being a high energy individual, has enabed me to restart my clinical practice on a part time basis,walk daily,and engage socially with family and friends.Next week my third son will visit me, completingthe visitation of my 3 sons. I feel blessed to be alive and to be surrounded by clients,family and friends who have been supportive.I truly appreciate your support,your prayers, and hope to able to meet your psychological requests for the forseeable future. G-d bless. David

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


19 days post surgery. Doing well,continuing to get stronger ever day.Still at retirement home but walking alot ,mostly with walker ,occassionally without it.REceiving my last hydration treatment today. In the process of learning to change my ilecstomy,A work in progress.Hope to be home on Sunday. Thank you all for your support,prayers and warm wishes. David

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Medical Update

I am now 12 days post surgery,doing well,outof hospital and gaining strengh every day.Trying to walk twice daily. Thank you all for your support during this most difficult time in my life. I look forward to returning to my practice on March7. David

Sunday, January 30, 2022


PLease be aware, for medical reasons, I will be away from my home office from FEbuary3 until March 7.If you require service during my absence, please contact Richard Harman 613-295-8660 or THe Academy of Psychology of Ottawa, 613-235-2529 for a referral.In the event you require emergency service please go to your nearest hospital.If you want my services after my return please leave a message at 613-228-9394. Thank you. David

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


By now,21 months into the pandemic, we all are experiencing CO-VID fatique,isolation,Zoom burnout, as well as feelings of despair and anxiety.Whom to trust?Who is vacinnated,who is not? Is it safe to travel within Canada? The healthcare experts tell us to stay home,social distance, and wear masks.Recently in Ottawa, the public health unit decreed that even outdoor activities like skiing,skating and hiking must adhere to social distance with a maximun of 25 people. Walking by my neighborhood park I saw upwards of 50 children and parents enjoying an intense game of shimmy hockey.Are they safe? Do they care? Given our communal anxiety,despair and social isolation what are we to do? Each of us must make our own individual decision as to how to handle this pandemic and what is best for our families. Factors such as age,health status,whom we come into contact,values and life experiernces all influence our decision. Mental health,now reaching epic levels,also contributes to this decision. As an older adult facing major surgery, my personal decision is to remain cautious,guarded and adhere to the public health guidelines. Others,with a different scenario, may make a different decision.It is important that we respect their choice while maintainihg public health safety. Recently I learned a new meaning for SOS - slower,older and smarter Thank You for reading My Blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR