Monday, December 22, 2014

The Saga Of The Well Oiled Office Fridge

Being a responsible citizen is no easy task. Despite my best efforts to dispose of my office fridge, circa 2000, I found it frustrating and at times humbling to do so.Unbeknown to me, modern charities have rigid rules in place to thwart the unsuspecting donor.
 After phoning the charity to inquire about the goods I was donating, I was told to come on down. Pulling up to the clearly marked depot I am met by a massive muscular endowed individual who had this snarly look on his face. I knew not to mess with him. He then proceeded to unload my vehicle, gladly taking the totally new suitcase as well as my vintage microwave. However when it came to the office fridge, he told me it was unacceptable to the charity.
Not to be undone by my failure to dispose of the fridge, I returned to my condo to do further research. After hitting the appropriate search engine I was given the name of another local charity which claimed in writing no less, to accept used fridges.
 Immediately I took off in my car ,with the fridge secured in the trunk. I arrive at the second depot, this time being met by a clean cut man who proceeded to inform me ,in a most pleasant manner, that the fridge, now looking it's stated age, was too old for re-cycling. Substitute  older person in this story and you have a subject, that is old age I wish to address in a later blog. At this juncture ,the nice young man, simply informed me there was another re-cycling depot at the end of the road, which surly would take the aging fridge off my hands.
 A determined man, with an expressed purpose  to de-clutter my locker, so as to be ready for my anticipated move to B.C., I was not going to be deterred by this second hurdle. After recognizing the traffic patterns, I proceeded to the gate of the re-cycling plant,. Here I was met by a young lady who give me a ledger, asked my business and then give me instructions where to go." Turn left and look for a heap of metal. "I turned left and before me was the biggest pile of mental junk known to mankind. Boats, cars, house trailers, all were there. Fearful the heap would fall on me, thereby burying me alive, I found strength I have not possessed in years, pulling the fridge free and getting back into the car the fastest my short little legs would carry me. 
I got back into the car, proceeded to the booth, where I was weighed again, and then given the magnificent sum of $4.30.Altogether a rewarding day in the life of a well oiled office fridge.