Monday, March 28, 2022

52 Days Post Surgery

As many of you know Feb.4 I underwent a 13 hour life saving cancer surgery. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of my team of surgeons I survived that operation relativity intact. During the past 52 days I have had my ups and downs. in my journey of recovery including a 4 day hospitalization for an infection. At this point in my recovery my main issue is fatique and low energy.Depending upon the time of day I would estimate my energy level is 50-60% of my preoperation energy. Being a high energy individual, has enabed me to restart my clinical practice on a part time basis,walk daily,and engage socially with family and friends.Next week my third son will visit me, completingthe visitation of my 3 sons. I feel blessed to be alive and to be surrounded by clients,family and friends who have been supportive.I truly appreciate your support,your prayers, and hope to able to meet your psychological requests for the forseeable future. G-d bless. David


  1. High energy. I envy you. Even at 60% you have more energy than I do. Anyway, I will be in touch later.
    G-d speed, as they used to say

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