Saturday, March 30, 2024


 Recently I had a screening, CAT Scan, Bone Scan, and MRI ,where I learned that my cancer had not metastasized  to the liver. Chemotherapy, while hard on my body, has proven to be  highly effective.

 At this time the plan is to stop chemotherapy to give my body a chance to recover and to monitor me closely by scanning me on a regular basis. Neuropathy in both my fingers and feet has been particularly problematic. 

Despite these side effects and with the help of two blood transfusions, I have more energy. Indeed for the first time  in 7 months I have begun to see friends in person.

 I plan to continue practicing my craft, albeit on Zoom, as long as my health continues to improve.

 As my energy increases and my side effects are reduced I am hopeful of travelling to the west coast to see my family.

 It takes a village to deal with cancer. I am grateful for the excellent medical care I have received. In addition I appreciate immensely the support I have received from my family and friends. I especially feel blessed by the support I have received from my clients.

 Thank You.

 G-d Bless.