Wednesday, January 5, 2022


By now,21 months into the pandemic, we all are experiencing CO-VID fatique,isolation,Zoom burnout, as well as feelings of despair and anxiety.Whom to trust?Who is vacinnated,who is not? Is it safe to travel within Canada? The healthcare experts tell us to stay home,social distance, and wear masks.Recently in Ottawa, the public health unit decreed that even outdoor activities like skiing,skating and hiking must adhere to social distance with a maximun of 25 people. Walking by my neighborhood park I saw upwards of 50 children and parents enjoying an intense game of shimmy hockey.Are they safe? Do they care? Given our communal anxiety,despair and social isolation what are we to do? Each of us must make our own individual decision as to how to handle this pandemic and what is best for our families. Factors such as age,health status,whom we come into contact,values and life experiernces all influence our decision. Mental health,now reaching epic levels,also contributes to this decision. As an older adult facing major surgery, my personal decision is to remain cautious,guarded and adhere to the public health guidelines. Others,with a different scenario, may make a different decision.It is important that we respect their choice while maintainihg public health safety. Recently I learned a new meaning for SOS - slower,older and smarter Thank You for reading My Blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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