Thursday, November 16, 2023


 I have recently received my 6th chemotherapy session,50% of the required treatment. Although  it is too early to celebrate it is a good beginning.

 Chemotherapy follows a familiar pattern. Ever second Friday  I travel to the IRVING GREENBERG CANCER CENTRE, located on the Queensway Hospital campus. I head to the fourth floor where I am greeted by a friendly receptionist who tags me as a cancer patient. Soon the oncology nurse escorts me to my assigned pod where 3 hours latter I am successfully infused. As I leave the clinic I am given a small bottle attached to my port which further infuses me for an additional 42 hours.

 Sunday at promptly 1:30 pm I arrive at an community out-patient clinic where the nurse removes my bottle. I am free again for another 11 days.

 During the course of the first week I experience a myriad of side effects including heartburn, indigestion, intestional upset, and extreme sensitivity to cold. In addition I have fatigue.

 These symptoms  range from mild to severe and at times can completely incapacitate me. During the first week I keep my activities to a minimum. By Thursday or Friday I have regained enough strength to see a few clients.

 By the second week I am able to see a full complement of clients. With my immune system revitalized I am able to do some minor chores and attend all the necessary medical appointments. At this time I do not intend to socialize until I receive  my seventh CO_VOID vaccination in December.

 Essentially the process repeats ever second Friday until I reach 12 chemotherapy sessions. 

Thank you for your support during this difficult period of my life.




Tuesday, November 7, 2023


 At this stage of my life, late in the fourth quarter, I am reviewing my lifetime goals and have few regrets. My career has challenged me and provided many opportunities for me to make a difference in people's lives. On a personal level I have meet interesting and dynamic people from all walks of life. 

Nevertheless like most of you I have suffered many disappointments, not the least of them the failure of my marriage in which I failed to communicate my needs and in the process of attempting to please lost my self-identity and self-respect.    

After re-establishing  myself as a single individual I had a significate relationship in which I did not have the opportunity to engage fully in that person's life as the walls were too high to overcome. For many years I mourned this unrequited love, eventually I had to move on.

 Early in my career I needed to make a decision whether to become involved in my family business or pursue a professional career. After contemplating this opportunity I chose to pursue a profession. What profession? At the time I was deciding whether to become a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Clearly psychology won out. My regret was not to pursue a medical career, but not in psychiatry but cardiology where my family had a rich history. 

 Sometimes in life you come to roundabout and impulsively take the first turn. I experienced this when I had to chose either Victoria or Ottawa in order to pursue my graduate studies. The decision to go to Ottawa has resulted in being  physically distance from my family in B.C.I decision I sometimes question?, 

 Despite these regrets, it has been a fulfilling life. Who would of thought,Dudie, a little boy from North End Winnipeg, would travel the world, write a book, and have a fascinating and meaningful career.  

 I thank all of you for your support and love that has enabled me to fight this major battle in my life.


Tuesday, October 3, 2023


 As I arrived on the fourth floor of the Irving Greenberg Cancer Centre I was greeted warmly by a receptionist who tagged me, DOB,Name, and gently placed a wristband to identify me. I was officially a cancer patient. Asked to take a seat, I was soon escorted by an oncology nurse to Pod A and asked to choose between a seat or  a recliner . In additional to taking my vital signs I was interviewed as to my symptoms and state of health.

 Despite my anxiety I managed to pass my vital signs. Unfortunately there was a problem with my blood tests., It seems my blood test had been taken 10 days ago, outside the 48 hour window before starting chemotherapy After a lengthy delay my oncologist gave his approval to proceed.

 In my  opinion, to have a  successful chemotherapy infusion one must learn to relinquish control. Essentially you are acknowledging that the nurses and Doctors know what their are doing. One nurse, commenting on my calmness remarked. "You must be a healthcare professional." I take that as a huge compliment. 

 During my 3 hour stay on the fourth floor I had an opportunity to talk to my neighbour, a veteran of chemotherapy. She was on her eleventh treatment and had lots of words of wisdom to convey.  

At this early stage of treatment(I have had 3 treatments),I have learned that you do not develop all of the side effects that they warn you about. In my case,fatique, and  sensitivity to cold are my main side effects. During my second treatment I was envious of another patient who was given a popsicle after treatment.

 Fortunately I have been well enough to continue with my work, a true blessing to me.

 In addition to my physical symptoms, psychologically I have become more emotional and more aware of my blessings.

 Thank you all for your support and concern as I continue my journey.


Tuesday, August 22, 2023


 Recently after having a CAT SCAN,2 MRIs and a Bone Scan, I learned my urethra cancer had metastasized to my pelvic area. After meeting with my oncologist we decided that the best treatment option is chemotherapy. If all goes well it will take place ever 2 weeks for a total of 24 weeks.

 I know I continue to face a rough journey as this is my third occurrence and most threatening. At this point my pain is manageable and I plan to continuing to practice as long as I am able. When I start my chemotherapy I will attempt to see clients every 2 weeks.

 Like anyone facing a life threatening disease I plan to get my affairs in order. 

I continue to receive much love and support from family and friends.

 Indeed I was shocked when my urology surgeon told me I was one of the nice guys and he was sorry.

 Recently I travelled to my hometown of Winnipeg where I had the opportunity to revisit my childhood homes and schools. It has been 17 years since I last visit Winnipeg. I noticed many changes including increased poverty and many issues of safety in many areas of the city, On a positive note the recently built Human Rights Museum is a must visit while in Winnipeg.

 As I await my chemotherapy treatment I try to live each day fully. It is a lesson for all of us.

 Thanks for support. 





Monday, May 8, 2023


Yesterday ,at the age of 77, I indulged myself by having my first pedicure. For a man of my vintage,
 this was a big deal.Age,health issues now prevent me from doing this myself.
 A friend of mine has been doing this for years and recommended a very nice Asian woman who was located in South Ottawa.
 Although initially hesitant, I faced my fears and anxiety and drove to the mall. Before entering, I observed
 that the spa served mainly woman.
 As I entered the spa I was greeted warmly by the woman I had spoken to on the phone.  
She asked me to sit and remove my shoes, socks and brace. I was seated on an elevated chair, with my pants rolled up and my feet soaking in  a warm, soothing footbath. During the next 30 minutes I was priviledged to have a pedicure. Simply stated it was heavenly. As a person whose sciatic nerve is partially dead. it served to help my circulation immensely.  
I rate my new cutting edge experience an A+ and strongly recommend it for those of you who are looking to pamper yourself.
 Stay healthy