Monday, December 31, 2018


2018 was a mixed year of blessings and challenges that tested my resolve. In the personal area. I moved into a new townhouse with my long time partner.As 2 very strong and independent people there continues to be many challenges integrating our lives.
 Despite an initial set back in my health,which necessitated  exhaustive and comprehensive medical procedures,I am delighted to report I remain cancer free, a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.
During 2018 I was fortunate to travel to the Caribbean,New York city and many times out west to visit my family. On one occasion I spent quality time in the Okanagan Valley with each of my 6 delightful, energetic, and highly adventurous grandchildren I was blessed to participate in the celebration of my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah as well as my grandson's Bar Mitzvah. Both expertly reading their D'var Torah portion and delivered a commentary on their Torah portion that totally reflected their own distinct personalities.It is at these moments that I feel truly blessed.
2018 brought the mitvah(blessing) of the wedding of my godson.A newly minted M.D. he is a real mentch(honorable person). It was a privilege to attend this orthodox wedding in which the room was saturated with love and good will.
On a professional level over the past 6 years,I have been blessed with an opportunity to continue to practice my craft with a very supportive and congenial group of mental health professions.In addition, this year I delivered a series of lectures regarding the psychological aspects of retirement.
With the new continuing education requirement of The College Of Psychology Of Ontario,I participated in various professional activities that helped to refine old skills, as well as to learn new techniques applicable to the new age of internet psychology.
 2018 has been a challenge on several levels, including the uncertainty and anxiety of having had cancer.There is not a single day that I do not think of the possibility that the cancer might re-occur.Living one day at a time becomes a reality.
Living with an an ostomy presents it own challenges.For the most part I am doing well ,occasionally my  ostomy goes on steroids ,forcing me to adjust my schedule accordingly.
The Ottawa Ostomy Society has been a wonderful support to me. I am hopeful in the New Year to be trained to provide support to new ostmates. It is a way for me to give back, for the wonderful support I have received dealing with my new body.
 Finally it is a year in which I have  lost many friends to the ravages of cancer and heart disease.Others are facing the challenges of living with these diseases.
 My family recently lost the matriarch of the Nozick family.My aunt,who was a renaissance woman, of grace and dignity,died on her 100th birthday.
 2019 will present it's own set of challenges, which I look forward to meeting.
To each of you and your families,I hope 2019 brings to you an abundance of good health,happiness, and inner peace.
 Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Approximately 2 years ago my friend Stephen and I along with another friend Stanley, were diagnosed with different forms of cancer.Treatment varied widely among us including chemotherapy,radiation, and surgery
 We supported each other in our trials and journeys  battling against this insidious and life altering disease.Having dramatically different personalities we responded differently to our predicament.
  Stephen was facing lymphoma, a systemic type of cancer. During his battle he had many setbacks.Nevertheless,  he maintained a remarkably positive and resilient attitude always believing that he would beat the odds.He celebrated life , making new friends from all walks of life.Recently he took a cruise on the Caribbean and raved about the excursions he participated in, including swimming with the dolphins.
 Stephen, a rather tall lanky fellow who often went unshaven, had a menacing rather gruff exterior, however when you got to really know him, he had a heart of gold.Despite his own troubles he was always there for me as I fought my own personal battle with cancer. Somehow he would always find the time to phone, inquiring about my health.
 A genuine sport nut ,who coached hockey at a competitive level,he had an encyclopedia knowledge of all sports. He  religiously followed the daily happenings in the sports' world, and was not afraid to voice his opinion when he disagreed with the experts .We attended many games together and I will miss his company and running commentary of the action
Rest in peace my friend.