Tuesday, November 30, 2021


I learned early last week the noodule located on the prostate is a metastasis of the orginal colon-rectal cancer I had 5 years ago. All the Doctors were totatly surprised by this most unusual occurence. Early indications are that the lesion is localized.I have been re-referred to my original oncology team. Initially devastatested by this unexpected development I have managed to beat off feelings of despair, and thoughts of my immediate demise, with optimism that this second battle with cancer will be won with determination,faith,communal support, and the help of my excellent health team. I am trying to maintain a normal work schedule, my daily walks, and some socialization ,given the limits imposed by Co-Void restrictions. On a more positive note I was able to receive my third dose of Pfizer and thus feel better protected as I enter hospitals on a regular basis. After consultations with my oncology team I will know more regarding treatment plans. I remain hopeful,alive,willing and able to engage the life I have been given.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


THe weather,damp.rainy,and cold penetrating my body,matching my mood today, as I wrestle with the hand I am dealt. . Sept/2021-afterwaiting 1 year, because of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic currently playing out in Canada, I go for a PET scan which will ultimately predict my future. The test,the most sophisticated scan avalable for cancer screening, was necesitated by a series of abnormal blood tests. During the screening, I encounter problems emptying my bladder, which is necessary to get a clear picture.In their need for haste,there are only 2 active PET scans in Ontario, I am given Latix, a diuretic to encourage me to urinate. It works and the test is completed. One week latter I learn via My Chart, a digital file attached to the hospital, that I am cancer free but there is some "activity" near the prostate that needs to be further investigated. Approximately 2 weeks later I find myself in the Emergency Department at my nearby teaching hospital. Despite a week of antibiotics I cannot urinate.After an reasonable wait(3hours) I am seen and a catheter inserted thereby releasing 2 litres of liquid waste. Subsequently I request an appointment with the urology surgeon I had 5 years ago.HIs nurse says he is not taking new patients.I implore,beg,plea for him to see me.Out of the kindness of his heart he agrees. When I see him I tell him he is a real mentsch(honourable man.) During the past 5 years I have been closely monitored following my bout with colon-rectal cancer.THis past year, the blood test which is a marker for colon-rectal cancer has been elevated and the Doctors were unable to find out why? The answer seems clear now. Next week I meet with the urology surgeon to discuss my test results,diagnosis and treatment options. At this juncture I need more information. At this stage I am in a waiting period.As is my ways, I seek information from a prominent retired urology surgeon, who is also a close friend of my sister.He explains my options,possible diagnosis,and treatment plan in great details. He has the patience of a saint.I am indeed fortunate to have access to such well informed sources. I now have the information I need to ask the correct questions and to feel more in control of my life.Emotionally I oscilate between feelings of despair and hopefulness.I am in the middle of a process, whose outcome is uncertain.What I fear are further limitations, Who would have thought I would be tested again. Clearly G-d thinks I am made of the right stuff to be able to handle this crisis. I remain optomistic,hopeful awaiting the results of my biopsy.