Monday, October 31, 2022


At this time I have been pronounced cancer free by my Doctors.However, one major issue remains, namely my right leg.For reasons unknown,(possible reasons include previous chemotherapy,radiation,infection,and/or surgerical complications), my right leg has shown significant nerve damage. Recently I learned that I have suffered bilateral neuropathy in both of my legs. Physiotherapy and physical training has had minimal impact. Rceently I have felt increased nerve pain,which may indicate rejuvenation of the nerve. Currently I walk gingerly with the aid of a cane.I am waiting to be fitted with a brace ,which hopefully will give me more stability. Emotionally it is a challenge to cope with my limited mobility and lose of many activities I love.I feel more vulnerable and that my world has become much smaller. On the positive side I am alive and count my blessings ever day. Somehow despite my losses I have a much deeper appreciation for life and better understanding of my client's needs. Thank you for your support and messages of hope during this most difficult period of my life. David

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