Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 2022 has truly been a difficult year both personally and in society. On a personal level, on Feb5 I underwent a 13 hour operation for ureathea cancer, a very rare cancer. Fortunately the operation was a success thanks to the skill and diligence of the surgeons.Unfortunately,6 weeks later I developed a severe infection which had to be drained. During the procedure, I believe the nerves leading to my sciatic nerve were damaged, resulting in my present day mobility problems. As a final insult, I contacted COVOID despite all of my precautions. Fortunately the 5 vaccines I had taken resulted in  mild symptoms.

 From the perspective of society 2022 brought continue Sirois(Yiddish term meaning troubles).COVOID and other respiratory diseases challenging our health care system as well as our patience(pun intended).Inflation, including high food prices, resulted in many families having to make sacrifices,

 For me,2022 can't end soon enough. Like all of you I am ready for a new year, a new beginning.

 However I must acknowledge,2022 has not been without it's success. Namely, I am still here, cognitively intact with most of my executive skills that allow me to continue to practice my craft.,

 I feel truly blessed to be able to do so.To all my clients who are willing to trust me with their most inner  secrets I say thank you. I feel blessed for the support from, my partner,family,and friends as well as the medical community. I have truly been blessed with surgeons who demonstrated the highest skills but equally important, turned out to be menches(Yiddish term  meaning honourable person). 

I feel spiritually renewed and ready to face the physical challenges that face me.I know it will require a tremendous effort on my part.

 May the New Year bring  to you and yours,good health,innerpeace and warm and loving relationships. David