Monday, May 8, 2023


Yesterday ,at the age of 77, I indulged myself by having my first pedicure. For a man of my vintage,
 this was a big deal.Age,health issues now prevent me from doing this myself.
 A friend of mine has been doing this for years and recommended a very nice Asian woman who was located in South Ottawa.
 Although initially hesitant, I faced my fears and anxiety and drove to the mall. Before entering, I observed
 that the spa served mainly woman.
 As I entered the spa I was greeted warmly by the woman I had spoken to on the phone.  
She asked me to sit and remove my shoes, socks and brace. I was seated on an elevated chair, with my pants rolled up and my feet soaking in  a warm, soothing footbath. During the next 30 minutes I was priviledged to have a pedicure. Simply stated it was heavenly. As a person whose sciatic nerve is partially dead. it served to help my circulation immensely.  
I rate my new cutting edge experience an A+ and strongly recommend it for those of you who are looking to pamper yourself.
 Stay healthy