Sunday, December 15, 2013

Inez Zelikovitz Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Oct28/2013

In "Philanthropist Inez Zelikovitz passes away at age 96 (Sept. 30)," Inez is narrowly described as a generous philanthropist, who kept her pact with her football playing husband, Joe Zelikovitz, " The Flying Hebrew," to give away their wealth to the sick and needy.
 However this description fails to understand and recognize the devoted and loyal person I knew.
Opinionated, strong willed, and traditional (the man always knew best), she had a feistiness and rebellious nature, which instantly drew me to her.
 Inez was a woman determined to maintain her independence despite her failing health and when events took place that found her in the very ward of Hillel Lodge that bears her and Joe's name, I extolled on the virtues of her being there.
Without a second of  hesitation, she retorted, "David, if you like it so much here, why don't you get into bed."
 The community has lost a vital link to its past and a most generous soul, and I have lost a second mother who always had my back, no matter the circumstances.
 How else to describe the determination and love of a recently hospitalized 96 year old woman who came on her own to see me when I was hospitalized at the Ottawa Heart Institute?
How else to explain how a woman, after my book was published last year, used her considerable influence to try to have it reviewed. After her efforts proved unsuccessful, she whispered in my ear, " You know David, I think we couldn't get it reviewed because you had in the title a swear word  starting with B."
 Inez had  no greater love than for her husband Joe, who remained the singular purpose of her life. Yet, despite her devotion to him, she remained a wonderful friend and ally, who clearly understood her role in the community. She suffered no fools lightly. When asked to give a blank cheque to a cause, she quickly responded, "I won't give a blank cheque to my own mother."
 Inez could be difficult and single-minded, yet she was a woman who loved me unconditionally, and I will forever be grateful for her presence in my life.
Inez, you are finally reunited with Joe, and I know you are at peace. God Bless.  
 David Nozick