Thursday, November 16, 2023


 I have recently received my 6th chemotherapy session,50% of the required treatment. Although  it is too early to celebrate it is a good beginning.

 Chemotherapy follows a familiar pattern. Ever second Friday  I travel to the IRVING GREENBERG CANCER CENTRE, located on the Queensway Hospital campus. I head to the fourth floor where I am greeted by a friendly receptionist who tags me as a cancer patient. Soon the oncology nurse escorts me to my assigned pod where 3 hours latter I am successfully infused. As I leave the clinic I am given a small bottle attached to my port which further infuses me for an additional 42 hours.

 Sunday at promptly 1:30 pm I arrive at an community out-patient clinic where the nurse removes my bottle. I am free again for another 11 days.

 During the course of the first week I experience a myriad of side effects including heartburn, indigestion, intestional upset, and extreme sensitivity to cold. In addition I have fatigue.

 These symptoms  range from mild to severe and at times can completely incapacitate me. During the first week I keep my activities to a minimum. By Thursday or Friday I have regained enough strength to see a few clients.

 By the second week I am able to see a full complement of clients. With my immune system revitalized I am able to do some minor chores and attend all the necessary medical appointments. At this time I do not intend to socialize until I receive  my seventh CO_VOID vaccination in December.

 Essentially the process repeats ever second Friday until I reach 12 chemotherapy sessions. 

Thank you for your support during this difficult period of my life.




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