Tuesday, November 7, 2023


 At this stage of my life, late in the fourth quarter, I am reviewing my lifetime goals and have few regrets. My career has challenged me and provided many opportunities for me to make a difference in people's lives. On a personal level I have meet interesting and dynamic people from all walks of life. 

Nevertheless like most of you I have suffered many disappointments, not the least of them the failure of my marriage in which I failed to communicate my needs and in the process of attempting to please lost my self-identity and self-respect.    

After re-establishing  myself as a single individual I had a significate relationship in which I did not have the opportunity to engage fully in that person's life as the walls were too high to overcome. For many years I mourned this unrequited love, eventually I had to move on.

 Early in my career I needed to make a decision whether to become involved in my family business or pursue a professional career. After contemplating this opportunity I chose to pursue a profession. What profession? At the time I was deciding whether to become a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Clearly psychology won out. My regret was not to pursue a medical career, but not in psychiatry but cardiology where my family had a rich history. 

 Sometimes in life you come to roundabout and impulsively take the first turn. I experienced this when I had to chose either Victoria or Ottawa in order to pursue my graduate studies. The decision to go to Ottawa has resulted in being  physically distance from my family in B.C.I decision I sometimes question?, 

 Despite these regrets, it has been a fulfilling life. Who would of thought,Dudie, a little boy from North End Winnipeg, would travel the world, write a book, and have a fascinating and meaningful career.  

 I thank all of you for your support and love that has enabled me to fight this major battle in my life.


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