Monday, June 14, 2021

Gratitude To Our Amazing COVID-19 Health Care Workers

As a practising clinical psychologist and senior citizen, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to all the health care workers who have worked so hard to keep us safe.In particular, I want to express my thanks to our pharmacists,who have demonstrated compassion, professionalism,and calmness in dealing with the recent demand for CoVID-19 vaccinations. Recently I became eligible for my second dose of vaccine. Efforts to access the provincial booking line proved frustrating and futile.This is where the pharmacists stepped into the abyss and saved the day. In my particular case,I was able to obtain my second dose at my local pharamacy, 48 hours after my initial contact.Subsequently I have received numerous offers of vaccines from other pharamacys in the area. Thank you to all the pharmacists who have done double duty during this pandemic.In the language of my forefathers, you have performed a real "mitzvah'(blessing) and society owes you a great deal of gratitude and thanks. Dr.David Nozick

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