Friday, December 4, 2020

DECEMBER5/2020-MY 75th Birthday

What does it mean to me to turn 75,three quarters of a century old,late stage of the fourth quarter of my life?  
First thought and emotion, I am glad to be alive,to have been blessed to reach this stage of life.
"Praise to you,Adonai our G-d,Sovereign of the universe,for giving us life,sustaining us, and enabling us to reach this season." 
My paternal DNA is saturated with heart disease, leading to a shortened lifespan to most males in my father's family. My maternal DNA, on the other,despite physical and emotional challenges,has possibilities, as my mother lived well into her late 80's
 Having made it to 75,I am well aware of my blessings of apparent  good health,the mental and physical capacity to continue practicing my craft,a multitude of family and friends who give a damn about me, and interests and passions that allow me to grow. Above else it is the relationships with my significant other, family and friends that propel me forward.
 At this stage of life,hopefully you have acquired a set of values,that bring you a perspective on life,and dare I say it "wisdom".Wisdom means experiencing inner peace and knowing one's priorities.No longer do I seek out materialistic gains but rather spiritual and emotional connections.Knowing one's priorities makes life simpler 
I no longer need to impress others or seek their approval.My life ,at this stage, is mine and whom I chose to share it, is my decision Roles no longer exist for me,I chose to follow my own beat of the drums and pursue life as I see fit.
 Having this perspective on life allows me to be a mentor to the younger generation,whether it be my clients,colleagues or grandchildren.I do this through personal interactions,my blogs,lectures or just plain frank conversation. 
My 6 adorable grandchildren have allowed me to be a part of their lives,which I am extremely grateful.My children tell me that as I age I have lost my filter.I prefer to look at as talking from the heart with no BS. 
In my latter stage of life, I have no patience for individuals who manipulate or dictate but seek others who talk from the heart, are compassionate, non-judgmental and listen.
 Time is short. I intend to grow,to offer wisdom to the next generation,and to try to live my life in a meaningful manner. 

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