Monday, March 30, 2020


Good-day mates from down under in the beautiful,warm and friendly Australia.After 3 weeks travel we have just boarded our ship(TheMaasdam,Holland America) in Sydney and our steaming toward Tasmania our last stop in Australia,before we cross the treacherous Tasmanian sea to the South Island of NewZealand.
 While in Australia we were treated to the most pristine sand beaches,cities that sparkle, the exotic wild life including the endangered koala, the kangaroo, and the mystical Tasmanian  devil.However it is to the people of Australia who make you feel so welcome.Warm,gracious and your perfect host they take great pride in their country.
While travelling to Bondi Beach in Sydney via public transportation,we meet an elderly man who insisted he take us to our destination.I tell ever Aussie that we are their Canadian cousins.On one occasion while driving(on the left side of the road),on the Great Ocean Rode, we double parked blocking 3 cars. After I had taken my picture,returning to the car, I was confronted by one of the owners of the  car I had blocked in.Instead of scolding me, he proceeded to act a a tour guide,telling us what to see on the road.
Where ever we went in Australia we were met by people only too happy to help.After asking directions and thanking them, the typical response was " no trouble, no drama".

 Impressions Of Australia

 A beautiful,young,vibrate country which offers a warm inviting climate.The country although not overtly friendly to immigrates, is a rich,fertile land where there are many opportunities to succeed
 Just as Sydney is the business capital,Melbourne is ,host too many universities as well as many cultural events.A Population of 24 million,with more than half in 3 cities, there are many opportunities in the outback for those with pioneering spirits.
Notwithstanding it's beauty and politics,what resonates with me, is the warmth,laid back attitude of the people.

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