Wednesday, January 15, 2020


"Blessed art thou.Lord our G-d,King of the universe,who has granted us life and sustenance and permitted us to reach this season."
The above blessing,traditionally said over the Yom Kippur(day of atonement) lights, is for me a very important blessing,a  celebration of  being alive.Being alive means an individual has an opportunity  to grow, to learn, and to partake in meaningful experiences that make life so interesting.
 Closely related to being alive is the blessing of good health and quality of life.Thankfully I have recovered from my personal illness and enjoy a high quality of life.At this stage of life,what one of my clients calls,late in the fourth quarter,one unfortunately hears almost daily of family,friends and colleagues who have major health issues, which place severe restrictions on them.
 Aging, a natural process, is clearly a blessing,despite it's many challenges including dealing with both physical and psychological losses.One of the keys to aging gracefully is to accept our new limitations.I often joke, I am an ex-athlete because clearly my athletic skills have severely diminished over time.When playing golf I now take advantage of my age , choosing to play the front tees.
 Despite my limitations, I feel blessed that I am able to participate in activities like pickle ball, golf,and attend my fitness club on a regular bases.
 Perhaps one of my greatest assets is my positive attitude toward life.When I wake up in the morning I am thankful to be alive. I know as the day progresses that my aches and pains will lesson.As we journey thru life we all face major obstacles,health issues, financial trouble,family concerns and a myriad of concerns that we must learn to cope and resolve.Yet thru all the ups and downs I remain optimistic about life. I feel an inner peace and self confidence that all will be right in my life.
I feel blessed that I am capable of practicing my craft.At the ripe age of 74, I feel blessed to have the intellectual and emotional resources to do so.I find it both a privilege and a passion that contribute to my feelings of well being.
To my clients thank you for trusting me with your most inner thoughts,demons and conflicts over a period of 48 years.I am truly blessed to have you as my clients and have learned and grown with you as we worked together to resolve your issues.
 To my professional colleagues, my friends, I thank you for your support ,your counsel and your wisdom thru the years. It has been a pleasure to be associated with you.
It is a blessing  to have friends from all walks of life,some professional others not , but all with compassion for their fellow man.Some friends I share a long history going back to school in Winnipeg, others I have meet since coming  to live in Ottawa.A few of my friends I would consider soul mates. Somehow we have this deep understanding of each other and are their for each other in our time of need.
Recently I shared Christmas dinner with a friend who I initially meet as a colleague but thru the years we became very close as we shared lives ups and downs including simultaneously successfully battling cancer together.She is positively the most caring person I have ever met.To these and many friends too numerous to mention,I feel blessed to have been part of .your lives.
Family,my 3 sons,their partners, my 6 grandchildren my brother and sister and their families,have all  been there for me over the years.All made the effort to visit me 3 years ago during my serious illness.An act I truly appreciate.
 We always get together to celebrate family milestones.
I sometimes joke I was brought home by the wrong family since I do not physical resemble my siblings. Although we occasionally disagree on our priorities, for the most part we get along well.As we age,we have all mellowed,bringing us closer together
I feel blessed for my recovery from major colon-rectal surgery some 3 years ago.Although I now face some limitations, for the most part I have regained my strength and am able to participate in most activities,  albeit at a slower pace.
 I am convinced,that my overall fitness level as well as my positive attitude is a contributing factor to my survival and recovery from cancer.
Finally I would like to thank my partner,who has supported me  and has made major changes to her lifestyle as I adjusted to my new circumstances.Thank you for your patience and understanding.
LIFE'S Lesson
Life is a blessing, one's attitude  and reactions to the vicissitudes of life is everything.Maintain your inner peace and integrity and life will bring you many blessings.

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