Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My 72 Birthday

As I reach my 72th B.D. I feel blessed to have reached this milestone.72 is a multiple of the Hebrew number 18(chai), which means "life".18 represents good luck and is often given as a gift in multiples,symbolizing the gift of life or good luck.
 A  traditional blessing that gives thanks to G-d for reaching this age is as follows "Blessed are you Lord our G-d,Ruler of the Universe who has given us life, sustained us and allowed us to reach this day".
During the past year and a half I have had 2 major surgeries for colon rectal cancer as well as receiving 25 radiation treatments.Although at present, I am cancer free ,there is always the possibility of the cancer re-occurring.
 How do I cope with this  uncertainty?Perhaps the best way is to count one's blessings and to live each day as it is your last. Living in the present is easy to say but hardier to do..Each day I try to do something special ,whether it is going on a long walk beside the Ottawa River or  simply enjoying my own private thoughts.
I feel blessed for the emotional support and love I have received from family,friends and my part
 ner. During these difficult times they have been there for me,as have my clients, who have been supportive and understanding as I re--arrange my schedule to accommodate my medical appointments.
 I feel blessed I have survived and continue to enjoy practicing a craft that I truly enjoy and allows me to make a difference in others lives.I feel blessed I continue to travel the world and have many opportunities to be with my family.
Certainty each day I face new challenges and limitations as a result of living with a permanent ostomy. These difficulties have allowed me to be a more patient, understanding and caring person ..I now, truly understand some of the difficulties,challenges living with a disability. . Many of you who do so are my unsung heroes, I have a tremendous respect for your journey.
 Life is a challenge to all of us, much of it is up-hill against the wind, occasionally we enjoy those moments when the wind is behind our sail.We must learn to take advantage of these moments and soar to greater heights.
 I remain,engaged,curious,passionate and hopeful as I look forward to the years ahead.

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