Friday, June 21, 2024


 Officially retired 2 weeks I now know I made the right decision. This week has been filled with a multitude of medical incidents including a 30 hour stay in the ER at both sites of the Ottawa Hospital.

 I also learned as a result of non-treatment for over 5 months that my cancer has advanced significantly.

 Currently I am waiting for the results of a CAT Scan to decide whether to proceed with chemotherapy despite having 2 open wounds. Those results are known now and on the recommendation of my oncologist I have decided not to restart chemotherapy.

 In recalculating my retirement plans I don't have the time to complete a second book, instead I will attempt  to blog on a regular basis.d

 In addition I need to decide where my permanent residency will be. I realize I am too ill to return home and my only choice is a senior resident. That too has been decided. I move to my new retirement home this coming Wednesday.

Life is precious, I have a limited time to remain fully functional. I aim to use each day, each minute wisely.

 Retirement means re-aligning your priorities with the situation you face. In my case health issues take priority and I must reduce my expectations accordingly.

 Retirement for me means writing, reading and being in touch with my family and friends. I intend to attend lectures, play bridge, and continue to blog on a regular basis. 

Thank you to my friends,family and ex-clients who have been most supportive during this most difficult time in my life. 

G-D Bless




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