Tuesday, November 30, 2021


I learned early last week the noodule located on the prostate is a metastasis of the orginal colon-rectal cancer I had 5 years ago. All the Doctors were totatly surprised by this most unusual occurence. Early indications are that the lesion is localized.I have been re-referred to my original oncology team. Initially devastatested by this unexpected development I have managed to beat off feelings of despair, and thoughts of my immediate demise, with optimism that this second battle with cancer will be won with determination,faith,communal support, and the help of my excellent health team. I am trying to maintain a normal work schedule, my daily walks, and some socialization ,given the limits imposed by Co-Void restrictions. On a more positive note I was able to receive my third dose of Pfizer and thus feel better protected as I enter hospitals on a regular basis. After consultations with my oncology team I will know more regarding treatment plans. I remain hopeful,alive,willing and able to engage the life I have been given.

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