Sunday, April 19, 2020


April/2020 has brought to the world the pandemic COVID-19.In Canada, as the incidents and deaths due to COVID-19 soars,the governments,(both federal and provincial), have enacted emergency legislation to slow down the spread of the disease. The purpose of this legislation is to prevent the health care system collapsing.
 One of these measures is social distancing.keeping at least 2 meters(6 feet), away from others.Recently our local counselor,had the foresight  to make us safer by closing down one of the local roads to vehicle traffic.
 Despite these best intentions, social distancing is a foreign concept to most individuals, who seek and need others.Thus I find myself walking on a local street , constantly on the lookout for others who either through ignorance or rebelliousness breach my safety zone of 6 feet.
 I zigzag down the street, much like a drunken sailor to avoid the bikers,walkers and runners who neglect to watch for others in their attempt to maintain their exercise routine.I am tempted to carry a 6 foot walking pole on other side of my body to protect myself. I saw on YouTube one creative individual who wore a 6 foot hula hoop attached to his body.
Yesterday while walking, I encountered a mother and her 2 teenage daughters walking down the middle of the road showing total negligence of social distancing.When I politely ask them to move over, the look I got was unmistakably hostile.A few days earlier I experienced the total opposite reaction.A young mother with her 2 preschool children, upon seeing me approach them,waited at a safe distance as I crossed the street
 Survey data indicates 70% of Canadians are practicing social distancing.This is not good enough.If you are not worried about getting COVID-19 yourself please think of your elderly grandparents and others with compromised immune systems who are dying from this disease
 We all need to do better to help our vulnerable neighbours and to listen and obey the rules issued by our public health officials.This is our generation's  WORLD WAR 111, and how we respond will determine the world we leave our children and our children's children.
As a practicing clinical psychologist if you need help coping don't hesitate to reach out to those of us in the mental health field.I can be reached at 613-228-9394.
 Be well, be safe and together we can get through these difficult times.


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