Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Reflections on Father's Day 2020

A  special day to honour our fathers.Young fathers, including my 3 sons,"get it." They intuitively know it is important to be part of their children's lives.Somehow with all the demands placed upon them they find the time to be there.I kwell(take great pride) in my sons,who all have thrived as fathers, each in their own unique way.
Today is also a day for me to pay tribute to my own father,Roy Nozick,who had a tremendous influence on me.The values I learned from my father are values I have tried to integrate and pass on to my children, so they in turn , can pass them on to my grandchildren.
Who was Zaidi Roy and what are those values he taught me?My Dad was a charismatic short, stocky man who commanded attention and respect when he entered a room.A high school drop-out, he had a creative and brilliant mind who was not afraid to think outside the box.As a training psychologist I used him as a subject while attempting to learn how to administer intellectual tests.An experience he truly enjoyed and
 The youngest of 3 sons of Joe and Ann Nozick,he was a product of a conservative businessman and a card carrying communist mother.Although his parents were borne in Canada they became a part of the Jewish immigrant experience in North End Winnipeg.The North End in the 1920s and 1930s was a melting pot where Jews who came from all walks of political life felt free to live their life.
Roy Nozick was a free thinking man who believed one had to put forth one's best efforts whether it be in school, business or sports.A very active businessman he devoted much of his time to helping others whether through personal deeds or working with service clubs.My father loved organizing parties to raise money for social causes. I recall one such party for the March of Dimes where people were fined money for sitting too long or not drinking enough.
 A gifted athlete, he once had a try-out for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, His passion for golf  influenced 3 generations of Nozicks. He would have loved that 2 of his grandsons became professional golfers.
I onced asked my Dad,"What does it mean to be Jewish?' His response, "To be a Jew is to be a good person and to do good deeds." Similarly he once told me," after you accumulate $1 million dollars you have an obligation to give back to society."
So what are the values I have learned from my father that I hope to pass on to future generations of Nozicks. Namely, be yourself and be true to your values, be passionate about what you do,care about your neighbour and community,and find meaning in your life by performing the Jewish mitzvah(blessing) of Tikun Olam(to repair the world.)

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