Thursday, July 5, 2018


Recently I had the pleasure to fly to Vancouver to celebrate an important family event,namely the Bar-Bat Mitzvah of  my eldest grandchildren.
As most of you are aware,flying is no longer the elegant white gloved experience of our parents.Today, it has become a major hassle,from being exposed to an embarrassing and sometimes questionable body search,to being confined to a space fit for a child,while being encapsulated in a long mental cylinder,flying through space at 550 miles per hour.
 Upon reaching Vancouver, we made our way to a beautiful suite in a Victoria home,located in Point Grey, a tony enclave overlooking the Pacific Ocean.That weekend we participated  in our family's simcha(joyous event) and bonded with family and friends.My grandchildrenn  did their zaidi(grandfather) proud as they performed the traditional Jewish ritual that marked their passage to adulthood.
 Following the simcha, I was fortunate to be able to take my entire family to a beautiful resort in the southern Okanagan town of Osoyoos. Here we did what  all families do.We ate,drank,swam,golfed and visited the  famous  wineries.It was a time for Zaidi to spend quality time with my fast growing grandchildren.
All too soon  we departed, each going our separate ways.For the third leg of our trip. my partner and I drove through Roger's and Kick Horse Pass and the majestic Rockies.The scenery, arguably the most scenic in the country, is a mosaic of snow capped mountains,lush pine forest, and glacial feed lakes that radiate beauty and tranquility.
The ever popular Banff and Lake Louise are visited by millions of international tourists each year.This year,due no doubt to Megan and Prince Harry,we met countless Brits,who are coming over in record numbers.
 However, my personal favourite ,was Lake Moraine,located some 15 kilometers from Lake Louise.This turquoise coloured glacial lake gets it's beautiful  colour as a result of being filtered by it's sedimentation Tranquil,with less pediatrician traffic, than it's more famous neighbour to the was an opportunity to be in the mountains and to be one with nature.The purity of the mountain air is intoxicating.Hiking, the preferred mode of travel, is an experience boarding on nirvana. The fact that this scene appears on the back of the twenty Canadian bill,is testimony to it's beauty.
 After,reluctantly leaving the Rockies, we made are way to Calgary and after a short plane ride home,we felt refreshed and rejuvenated by our trip.

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