Sunday, February 7, 2016

70 I Am

Wow! How do you react, that with G-d's grace,you have managed to pass a significant milestone with most of your resources intact.70! It seems surreal, as if there are talking about somebody else.I feel so much younger.As someone who has always looked younger than my stated age I am now the benefactor of this phenomenon.

At 70,it's all about your health,values and giving back to society.My energy level,with the assistance of the odd power nap, has allowed me to be fully engaged in a number of activities. 

As a child, both my brother and I would have been considered candidates for Attentional Deficit Disorder.Today we are considered focused and energetic. No doubt, my adherence to a regimented exercise and diet routine has served to fuel my energy.

At 70, with the notable exception of my heart disease,which is well controlled, I enjoy excellent health that has allowed me to continue to practice my craft as a clinical psychologist, albeit  at a reduced schedule. In addition, I now enjoy the time to engage in numerous social activities, volunteer work and travel the world. 

On the occasion of my 70 birthday, one of my grandchildren described me as follows: "elderly,smart,kind, loving,strong,funny,great at my job, and best of all just plain awesome." I am totally humbled by that description and feel blessed to be held in such high esteem by my grandchildren. As I age it is more about them and how I can help them grow and learn to cope with the demands of today's modern technological world.

70 means having a mature and balanced look on life.It's more about counting one's ones blessings than wasting energy on toxic people or situations.

As one's body ages it begins to wear down accompanied by daily aches and pains. A good day is when I get up in the mourning and I count fewer than 3 minor aches.

Although I still run, OK let's be honest,jog at a leisurely pace, I rejoice in still being able to do it.Sure I pay the price the next day, but it is my personal victory over the insidious process of aging.

Emotionally there is a stability,an inner peace, now that there is no longer a need to compete or prove oneself.At this stage of life it is about enjoying the ride and not caring where you are going.

With aging comes a reality that we are in the final quarter of our life and for a lucky few they may get overtime.Every day brings sad news about one's peers including sickness,hospitalization, and death.Suddenly we  are thrust into the role of elder statesmen for our family as the younger generation seeks our advice and counsel. 

At 70 I am blessed with good health, a loving and supportive family and friends,as well as the love and ability to practice my craft.It remains a joy to go to the office, where despite my technological limitations,I feel  I can help my clients live more meaningful  lives. 

There will come a time, when I will no longer be able to do so. I will face those obstacles when they arise, but for the moment I rejoice and am thankful for all the pleasures that life continues to bring me daily.

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