Monday, January 26, 2015

Pickle-Ball Re-Visited

I am filing this report, after my recent trip to Southern, B.C. As expected I was invited to participate in a pickle ball game with my esteemed brother, a retired criminal lawyer. Notwithstanding the retired bite,my brother has failed to shed the personal traits that led him to be a successful criminal lawyer.Instead, today, he has projected those traits into the sport of pickle ball.
 As I entered the arena, a beautiful modern facility in South Surrey, B.C. I was treated with the utmost respect by the staff. Soon I was changed and ready for combat. To my surprise I was taken, much like a prisoner walking to the gallows,directly to the courts where play was in progress. We quickly took our place in line and soon were on the court where I was introduced to my partner.. After a short warm-up and a brief explanation of the game my partner and I faced off against my brother and his partner. My partner, who proved to be highly patient and a wonderful teacher, took me under his wings, and in a wonderful display of how the game is to be played, almost singlehandly demolished my brother and his partner.Later, when we switched partners, I learned that the game is not that easy to master.
 As soon as the other courts became available, we switched to the beginner level. I felt much more comfortable and thus was able to participate more fully and joyfully.
 Pickle ball can be a highly competitive sport, where very fit seniors re-live their competitive and athletic passions. On the other hand ,for others, it can be enjoyed at a recreational level where sportsmanship, sociability rule supreme. The choice is yours.
 Enthusiastic, warm, and welcoming, the members of the South Surrey Pickle Ball club I meet were active seniors from all walks of life. Many had health issues, which they refused to let limit their life. I recall one partner who had a heart condition, who told me that he may have to sit out a game if his pulse got to high. He was a real inspiration to me in how he coped with his condition yet did not let it  interfere with his passion and enjoyment of the game.
  Pickle ball is a wonderful way to get exercise, met interesting people and become a member of an active community. It is played at all levels both recreationally and competitively. Find a level you feel comfortable and you are on your way to many hours of pleasure, joining others in the  game which has taken the senior community in North America by storm. Have Fun!

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